Google Functions Emulator

Wanting to learn Google Cloud Functions and not waste time uploading and publishing I tried the Google Cloud Functions Emulator within my Windows environment. Here is my write up of how I deployed my first HTTP Function locally.


You need Node.js 6.9.1, otherwise you will get the following error Node.js v6.9.1 is required to run the emulator! Anything later and it will not work.

Install ‘functions’

Open a command prompt and start the emulator installation

npm install -g @google-cloud/functions-emulator


Note: only if you need to access Google Services do you need to do this. You need to have a valid Google Tokens configured locally, and they will be the same as he one used when deployed.

Follow the instructions here

HTTP Hello World

Lets start by creating a simple HTTP example HelloWorld by creating a functions directory and adding and index.js file containing the folowing.

First lets start the emualtor

functions start

Should return similair to

Starting Google Cloud Functions Emulator...
Google Cloud Functions Emulator STARTED
│ Name          │ Type       │ Path                                               │
│ No functions deployed _\_(?)_/_.  Run "functions deploy" to deploy a function   │

Next deploy to the emulator using the following command

functions deploy helloWorldHttp ./ --trigger-http

Should return similair to

Function helloWorldHttp deployed.
│ Property │ Value                                                                │
│ Name     │ helloWorldHttp                                                       │
│ Type     │ HTTP                                                                 │
│ Path     │ C:\development\gcloud\functions                                      │
│ Url      │ http://localhost:8008/helloWorldHttp                                 │

Now request the function with the following

curl -X POST http://localhost:8008/helloWorldHttp -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"name\": \"Test\"}"

The output should be

Hello Test!


That was a simple walkthrough of getting the Google Cloud Functions Emulator running a simple HTTP Function. You can use it for other Functions testing as well and for further details checkout cloud-functions-emulator

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