OpenDJ, kubernetes and Pet Sets

Learning the official way to deploy OpenDJ on Kubernetes I found some issues.

**Note:** This article is based on

Install minikube

Please follow my previous article /2016/12/21/minikube-windows/ on how to deploy minikube on Windows.

Install helm

Please follow my previous article /2016/12/21/helm-windows/ on how to deploy minikube on Windows.

Create ForgeRock Docker Images

Clone the Docker repository from ForgeRock.

git clone https://<userid>

Edit the pom.xml within the repository, it is currently using the snapshot maven repository and that does not appear to be currently available. We need to change the following values.

        <!-- Default versions to build  -->

We also need to updated opendj\Dockerfile and change from

ADD /opt/opendj/

CMD ["/opt/opendj/"]


ADD /opt/opendj/

RUN chmod 755 /opt/opendj/

CMD ["/opt/opendj/"]

When updated complete perform the docker build via maven.


Create OpenDJ Pod

Clone the Kubernetes repository from ForgeRock.

git clone https://[email protected]/scm/docker/fretes.git

edit fretes/helm/opendj/values.yaml and change

djImage: forgerock/opendj
djImageTag: 4.0.0-M2

Enable minkube ingress addon

minikube addons  enable ingress

Start the deployment

cd fretes/helm
helm install  --name userstore opendj --set djInstance=userstore

View deployment within Kubernetes Dashboard

Fire up the dashboard with

minikube dashboard

Expand Pods and you should see configstore-0. Select it and view the logs.

The command to do the same via kubectl is

kubectl get pods

To view the logs

kubectl log configstore-0

Enable Forwarding

To be able to interact we can use the kubectl port-forward command with the correct details

kubectl port-forward opendj-configstore-0 1389:389

You should now be able to connect to the OpenDJ instance using

Key value
host localhost
port 1389
username cn=Directory Manager
password password

Removing Pod

To remove what was deployed issue

helm list                               /development/github/
NAME                    REVISION        UPDATED                         STATUS          CHART
exhaling-chicken        1               Fri Dec 23 10:31:05 2016        DEPLOYED        opendj-0.1.0

helm delete exhaling-chicken 


There appears to be some issues with the deployment that needs to be resolved.

  • The SNAPSHOT repository is no longer available from ForgeRock
  • There appears to be some issues with permissioning with Windows.
  • The example is configured to use port forwarding instead of a service

All of these can be easily fixed though.

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