Jekyll Gist - Liquid Exception: SSL_connect

Trying to use jekyll-gist and I encountered an issue with Windows

Liquid Exception: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed in C:/development/github/

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(“SSL_CERT_FILE”, “c:\development\cacert.pem”, “Machine”)

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Google Functions Emulator

Wanting to learn Google Cloud Functions and not waste time uploading and publishing I tried the Google Cloud Functions Emulator within my Windows environment. Here is my write up of how I deployed my first HTTP Function locally.

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Blog Update

I am currently migrating from WordPress to Jekyll so this site will go through some changes over the next couple of weeks

perl.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot ed object file: No such file or directory

I was experiencing the following when I installed ruby via pact install ruby

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Error starting host: Error creating new host: Driver “virtualbox” not found.

I was receiving the following error when using minikube start

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Packer, Docker and ansible_remote provisioner

Whilst configuring Packer for builder a Docker image using an ansible_remote Provisioner I was getting the following.

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Experiences with Packer and Google Compute

I am using Packer to build some Google Computer Images for a new project and I came undone a number of times whilst setting up my Packer file.

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Ionic 2: How to Create a Sliding Delete Button for Lists

typings WARN deprecated

I was getting the following when running typings install

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error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘crypto-js’.

I am using cryptojs to develop a Android TOTP generator for Ionic and as all good projects started with

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