Issue with Password Policy Validation Module

When enabling the Password Policy Validation Module I was receiving the following.

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DCC Authentication Failure

Integrating Oracle Access Manager with Oracle Mobile Authenticator

The following assumes a vanilla install of Oracle Access Manager, with all the default port values. No further customization has been made. The Admin Server is to be the only service running during the configuration, otherwise the changes being made will occur in real time and you will be locked out of the OAM Console.

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ThymeLeaf, SAX Parser and WebLogic 10.3.5

Using ThymeLeaf on WebLogic 10.3.5 I was getting the following warning message.

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status is STATUS_FAIL for GET_AUTHN_SCHEME event. Error code OAM-02073

This morning I was updating a WebGate to use SERVER_NAME as Preferred Host when I started to find this error message appearing in the Access Manager logs.

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Getting EncryptedData out from Identity Manager 7.1

Was working with a client wanting to do bulk imports with Sun Identity Manager 7.1 Service Provider Edition. They wanted to speed up User Provisioning by creating an LDIF to import direct into their Directory Instance, and not use the SPML interface and could not figure out how to encrypt the secret answers so that Identity Manager could decrypt them.

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